Our story

Have you ever witnessed a flower, a beehive, or even drops of rain trickling down from the skies and crafting beautiful designs? These are some of the alluring examples of art that mother nature develops and disseminates warmth and beauty. Inspired by nature and with a keen interest to keep up the flicker for traditional Indian arts and crafts  “Folkhaat” witnessed its birth. 

Originated in the mystic land of Jharkhand as well as in the lap of nature Folkhaat escalates the fragrance of the land along with its tribal culture. “Folkhaat” is not just a web-based podium for obtaining or vending out handmade crafts or arts rather the string of it is much emotionally attached.

Being a fervid lover and follower of Indian traditional art and crafts along with an intention to blend creativity along with technology its founder initiated her journey through Folkhaat.  This particular platform intends to open its doors for the master craftsmen of India to showcase their talent as well as their skill that can even impart live to a hard stone.

“Folkhaat” intends to provide an opportunity to the artisans to keep up the flame of traditional Indian heritage, culture as well as unique handicrafts. In the coming days, Folkhaat vows to become a lifeline for the artisans across the nation.

With every product, you buy from Folkhaat you give the podium a chance to spread its wings across the globe and become the one-stop name for Indian art and craft.