About Us

“Unity in diversity” is how we define our nation India. The one country with a distinct culture customs, and traditions tied in a single thread is what makes the land unique. The vibrant colors a nd rich heritage are at the roots of the nation. But somehow we are losing the connection with our roots. “Folkhaat” is an effort to imbibe the richness of our culture and heritage.

“Folkhaat” is not just a name, it is an initiative to support the artisans who are highly skilled in different forms of art as well as producing handicrafts. Our mission is to support the native artisans as well as the traditions of the country. We aim to provide them a platform that can help them to exhibit their exquisite skill as well as earn a decent living for their household. As we connect the artisans directly there is no scope of involvement of middlemen. With the initiation of “Folkhaat” we have taken an oath to revive and retain our traditional culture and customs.

Folkhaat is purely driven with love for ethnicity and ethnic rituals across the nation. There is a hidden beauty in our handicrafts which often as a layman we fail to identify. And we are trying hard to revive it. It is also our dream to flaunt our handicrafts across the globe.